Publication Ethics

😃😭😜 ●  JAFSCD's publisher and editors shall take reasonable steps to identify and prevent the publication of papers where research misconduct has occurred.

😃😭😜 ●  Neither JAFSCD nor its editors encourage any research misconduct or knowingly allow such misconduct to take place.

😃😭😜 ●  In the event that a JAFSCD's publisher or editors are made aware of any allegation of research misconduct, they shall deal with allegations appropriately.

😃😭😜 ●  JAFSCD has internal guidelines for correcting or retracting articles when needed.

😃😭😜 ●  JAFSCD's publisher and editors are always willing to publish corrections, clarifications, retractions, and apologies when needed.

😃😭😜 ●  If you have any concerns about research misconduct or see corrections or clarifications needed in a published paper, please promptly contact editor in chief Duncan Hilchey.