“Growing up, we’ve always had a sibling competition," Bailey Blanton told WFTS of her brother, Drew

Twin siblings have finished at the top of their class.

According to WFTS, brother and sister Drew and Bailey Blanton are graduating from Plant City High School in Florida as the highest-ranking students on campus.

Drew was recently named the school's Valedictorian, while Bailey earned Salutatorian honors.

"It definitely did help having a twin sister along with you almost every single class because it's just a great support system," Drew told the outlet. "Whenever you need to ask for help or you just need someone to turn to, she's always there, and it always made me feel better no matter how stressed out I was."

The fraternal twins have also earned straight A's since third grade.

"Growing up, we've always had a sibling competition," Bailey said. "We didn't want to be the worse sibling, but when we got to high school, we more encouraged each other, but you still wanted to beat the other one."

Not only did they succeed in high school, but the brother-sister duo also earned an Associate's Degree from their local community college.

"You can imagine, your heart is just about to burst with pride," their mother, Melody, told the Plant City Observer.

"Not only are they great academically, they're just great kids," she added. "They're good friends. They're good teammates. They're good students. I think when they were younger, they just always wanted to excel. I think they enjoyed success."

As for what's next for the siblings? They'll be attending the University of Florida later this year.

"They really taught me that if you put your mind to it, you can accomplish anything you want to do," Melody said of her children.

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"One thing I'm proud of with them, is their extra-curricular involvement," she continued. "So not only are they involved academically and excel academically, but they're involved in several clubs at school. They really try to have a full experience in high school, and I think it just showed that you can do it all and be successful and have fun."