These three new missions will be the eighth, ninth and tenth shipments made by the administration to aid in the baby formula shortage nationwide
US President Joe Biden speaks on recent mass shootings in the East Room of the White House in Washington, D.C., US, on Thursday, June 2, 2022. Biden urged Congress to pass gun control legislation in a prime-time address as a bipartisan group of lawmakers negotiates a possible agreement following a string of high-profile shootings.
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President Joe Biden is taking measures to aid the baby formula shortage in the country.

On Wednesday, the White House released statements announcing the eighth, ninth and tenth Operation Fly Formula Missions.

The eighth mission of the operation will transport Nestlé infant formula from Germany to Fort Worth, Texas on June 26. According to the statement, the delivery will include over 110,000 lbs. of Nestlé SupremePro 2 formula, the equivalent of approximately 1.65 million 8-oz. bottles. The product will be available through Gerber's website and other online retailers.

As for mission No. 9, Bubs Australia infant formula will be transported from Melbourne, Australia to Los Angeles, California on June 26 and to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on July 5.

Per the White House, these two deliveries will include in total approximately 320,000 lbs. of Bubs Organic Infant Formula S1, Bubs Organic Follow On Formula S2, Bubs Supreme Infant Formula Supreme Follow On Formula, Bubs Goat Milk Infant Formula S1, Bubs Goat Milk Follow On Formula S2, the equivalent of approximately 5.5 million 8-oz. bottles. The product will be available through Target, Albertsons, Kroger, Walmart and other retailers.

The operation's tenth mission will transport Gerber infant formula from Mexico to Fort Worth, Texas starting on June 24. This delivery will include approximately 1 million lbs. of Gerber Good Start Gentle infant formula, the equivalent of approximately 16 million 8-oz. bottles. The product will be available through retail channels.

Also in the statements, the White House predicts that by June 26, Operation Fly Formula will have completed 32 flights and will have imported almost 19 million 8-oz. bottle equivalents of infant formula to aid the baby formula crisis.

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Operation Fly Formula first began last month, with its first shipment going to Indiana. At the time, President Joe Biden announced the first international shipment on Twitter.

"Folks, I'm excited to tell you that the first flight from Operation Fly Formula is loaded up with more than 70,000 lbs. of infant formula and about to land in Indiana," Biden, 79, said in a tweet.

"Our team is working around the clock to get safe formula to everyone who needs it," the president added.

The shipment was enough to fill over half a million baby bottles, the Associated Press reported, and weighed 78,000 lbs., per White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre.

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A US military aircraft carrying 132 pallets of Nestle Health Science Alfamino Infant and Alfamino Junior formula arrives to Indianapolis International Airport in Indianapolis, Indiana, US, on Sunday, May 22, 2022. The first air shipment of baby formula, originating from Zurich, Switzerland, was delivered under the Operation Fly Formula emergency program authorized by President Biden to address a national shortage that has parents struggling to meet the needs of their newborns.
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The first flight, which departed from the Ramstein Air Base in Germany, delivered the much-needed formula to Indiana. The location was chosen as it's home to a Nestlé distribution hub, per CBS News.

After the aircraft's arrival, the baby formula was loaded into FedEx trucks. Nestlé then takes part in performing a standard quality control check on the delivery, which then allows it to be distributed, the outlet added, citing an administration official who was on-site at the drop-off.

"We at FedEx are honored to be called on to use our network in support of this important mission with the U.S. Government," Richard W. Smith, President and CEO-elect of FedEx Express, said in a statement. "The lack of access to formula is impacting babies and families across the country, and we are proud to support the distribution of these critical items to deliver hope to those in need."

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The nationwide baby formula shortage is worsening each day, with data from Datasembly showing the national out-of-stock rate hit a high of 43 percent for the first week of May. 

While stocks of some formulas started to run short last year amid the pandemic, the issue has escalated due to challenges with the supply chain, product recalls by some American manufacturers and inflation.

Biden previously announced that he was "invoking" the Defense Production Act in an effort to improve formula production in the U.S. last month.