Martha Stewart's Fashion Philosophy Is Simple: 'I Have to Look Good No Matter What I'm Doing'

Stewart is once again partnering with Skechers to deliver shoes that are versatile and stylish

Photo: Courtesy of Skechers

Martha Stewart always looks put together. According to the queen of lifestyle, her appearance has become one of her absolute top priorities. In fact, the last time someone said Stewart looked "sloppy" in public was decades ago, and it was her own daughter behind the criticism.

Never again, Stewart swore, would she wear an apron outside of her home.

"I have to look good no matter what I'm doing. I might be on a tractor. I might be in my new Mercedes electric car. I might be in a truck. I might be going to a premiere of a movie," Stewart, 81, tells PEOPLE. Stewart's quest for a shoe that can walk dirt roads and red carpets ended when she partnered up with Skechers.

Courtesy of Skechers

With versatility at the forefront of their designs, Skechers' shoes promote arch support without sacrificing style. Stewart appreciates the shoes for their "casual elegance," especially since it works so naturally with her own multifaceted apparel line, which has also just launched a new collection this fall. Hers are "clothes you can put on in the morning and go out to dinner at night."

Though fall serves as inspiration for both her personal label and her Skechers partnership, the multi-talented entrepreneur is hardly afraid to cross seasonal style norms. One trend she's appreciating right now is wearing white sneakers in any setting.

Courtesy of Skechers

"I'll still wear white shoes in the wintertime if they go with what I'm wearing," says Stewart, who's recently become interested in pairing dressy clothes with comfortable footwear, especially during seasons when you're outside and commuting by foot. "You have more opportunities to walk…Sneakers are the way to go."

For Stewart, teaming with Skechers has been playful and fun. At one point in her Skechers commercial, we see that she's shoed her horse in the supportive sneakers — "I just want them to be comfortable!"

Courtesy of Skechers

This isn't Stewart's first time working with the 30-year-old shoe company. In renewing her partnership with the Skechers brand, she's shown her respect for the "avant-garde and lively" company, as she describes it, and the universality of its footwear.

"It is a shoe for all walks of life," she says of Skechers' product. "They're style conscious, comfort conscious and color conscious."

Plus, she notes, they're incredibly durable. Between gardening and tending to her farm animals, Stewart and her staff have their work cut out for them on her many acres of land. In fact, she recently gifted Skechers pairs to everyone who works on her estate. Because she has a no-outdoor shoes policy inside her home, that means everyone gets a set to slip on indoors and a set to work in.

Courtesy of Martha by Martha Stewart Apparel

"It's hard to break down a Skechers shoe with too much hard work or anything," she says. "Nobody's complaining about the wearability and the sturdiness of the shoe."

Beyond the solid, durable shoe, Stewart values Skechers' ability to prioritize creativity and diversity simultaneously. Just like her own apparel line, these are shoes with a wide appeal, and they're accessible to almost anyone.

"They're appealing to, I think, the broadest possible group," she says.

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