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Florida Zoo Baby Sloth Meets Dad for the First Time in Adorable Moment Caught on Video
A baby Hoffman’s two-toed sloth born at Florida's St. Augustine Alligator Farm Zoological Park in February recently met their father Teddy and gave him a sniff
New Jersey Boy Has Surfed Over 700 Days in a Row to Raise Money for Various Causes
"It feels good to help people," says 11-year-old Carter Doorley, who hopes to inspire other kids
Neglected Husky Dog Gets a Second Chance and Helps Pet Nonprofit Reach 10 Million Adoptions
The adoption of a Texas husky named Balto marks the ten-millionth pet adoption for PetSmart Charities
Adventurer and His Feline 'Soulmate' Hike, Kayak, and Climb the U.S. Together
"I love how he is so curious about the world," JJ Yosh says of his Bombay cat Simon, who loves to go on adventures with his owner
After Melting Hearts, Florida Snowman Lives on as a 'Beautiful Flower' in School's Garden
For Earth Day, South Shore Charter Academy in Riverview, Florida, used the water from their melted snowman to water the school's garden, which includes a snowman topiary
Laidback Llamas Dress in Pop Culture Costumes to 'Spread More Joy' on TikTok and Beyond
Kahle Boutte cares for and dresses the fashionable llamas of Prairie Patch Farm's TikTok page, which has over 76,000 followers

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'Grumpy' Senior Dog Is Too Stubborn to Participate in His Hydrotherapy Exercises — Watch
Lil Hobbs prefers to be pulled around the pool by his trainer instead of doing any real working out during his hydrotherapy sessions in San Diego, California
12-Year-Old Woodworker's Bowl Has Raised Over $109,400 and Counting for Ukrainian Children
'I want to know that I can make other children's lives better by doing a little bit of something in my own life,' says Gabriel Clark of Cumbria, England
Cookie Company CEO with Down Syndrome Creates Sweet Opportunities for People with Disabilities

"I really want to help people," says Collette Divitto, CEO of Collettey's Cookies