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    Video caption: Buffalo shooting: Joe Biden says US must address hate

    Biden says that he and his wife are praying for the victims of a racially motivated shooting in Buffalo.

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    Video caption: Buffalo shooting is 'community's worst nightmare' - Mayor

    Mayor Byron Brown said the suspect of the Buffalo supermarket shooting was not local to the area.

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    Video caption: Roe v Wade: Thousands attend rallies in US cities to support abortion rights

    Pro-choice supporters are concerned that the Supreme Court could overturn the legal right to abortion.

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    Video caption: Custom-made brace helps heal baby giraffe

    Vets in San Diego, California, came up with a creative solution to treat a young calf's limb disorder.

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    Video caption: Worry and fear as baby formula shortage continues

    With nearly half of formulas out of stock across the country, parents are scrambling to find ways to feed their children.

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